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If you are considering becoming a business owner, self-storage can be beneficial to your company for several reasons. Let’s face it space costs money. Even if you are already an established business owner, you could still benefit from self-storage. Here are some examples of why self-storage can contribute to business growth.

Office space

Many business owners choose self-storage instead of renting an office. This is especially the case when working remotely or for those who work online.  Self-storage is the perfect solution for storing equipment and even keeping paperwork safe.

Increase your stock

Keeping stock on site isn’t always an option. When you opt for self-storage, you can keep larger amounts of stock without sacrificing space. If you buy in bulk, you are less likely to have stock shortages in the future, negatively impacting your business.  

Self-storage is a competitive industry 

Because self-storage is such a competitive industry, you won’t have any problems finding one local to you. Plus, you should be able to rent one a lot less costly than if you were to rent an office. 


When you rent office space, you will likely have to sign a contract committing to renting the property for a certain length of time. 

Choosing self-storage is usually the most flexible option. Plus, it will be far more cost-effective. Most self-storage providers will allow you to change the size or your unit as and when you want to. This is great if you plan on expanding your business.  

More productive than office space

If you have extra stock, the furniture you want to keep or general equipment that you don’t need daily, self-storage is the perfect alternative to office space. Even if you do have an office, by freeing up space, you will be encouraging a more productive environment for your employees. 

Keep your belongings safe

Self-storage units are a safer option when it comes to storing your belongings. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safely locked away. Another important factor to consider is the storage is in fire and waterproof containers, therefore preventing possible damage. 

Solution for archiving

Businesses can accumulate years of documents. Some of these are important and although not required daily, will need to be kept for future reference. By choosing self-storage, you will have peace of mind that they are safe and secure. 

Temporary storage solution for business transitions 

With most businesses, there will come a time you may need to renovate your premises, or in some cases relocate. During these times, self-storage is a functional option for temporarily storing your equipment, furniture and paperwork. 

Storage for seasonal stock 

Throughout the year your office will accumulate seasonal items. 

A prime example is Christmas decorations and perhaps unsold stock. Although you would no doubt prefer to sell the items, you may choose to store them for the following year. By choosing self-storage you will be freeing up space, whilst ensuring your stock is in a safe place. 

No business rates

Storage units are not considered an extension of your business or premises. With that said, there is no reason you can’t use it as one. When it comes to the end of year accounts, you will notice that more of your money is going into your business and less spent on taxes. By renting self-storage you won’t be increasing the value of your property, but you will benefit from the extra space. 

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